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Kilowatts Power Solutions Provides industry-leading consultation, asset recovery, disposal and removal services for industrial equipment and debris resulting from any decommissioning or demolition projects. We can help you safely and legally dispose of large industrial equipment, wiring, hazardous materials and more. We help facilities of any size including data centers, medical facilities and a variety of industrial facilities navigate the often daunting task of decommissioning and repurposing their sites and equipment.

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We help simplify the complex process of facility decommissioning by ensuring accurate management and records of any equipment and assets removed. We also help you maximize your financial investment with asset recovery and repurposing consultation and services. We’re here to help turn this complex process into a simplified turnkey service.
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Leverage the full potential of your industrial assets with a partner that prioritizes your needs and sustainability. Contact Kilowatts Power Solutions now. Our experts are here to provide a free initial consultation, helping you navigate the complex process of equipment disposal and asset recovery with ease and efficiency.