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Kilowatts Power Solutions, LLC provides full service project management and support services for all aspects of facility decommissioning (from data centers to health facilities, industrial sites and more), repurposing and breakdown. We help companies remove all equipment in methodologies compliant with any local, state and federal regulations, safely remove and uninstall wring, coordinate constructive and deconstructive demolition and then oversee all aspects of safe and legal removal and disposal of equipment, debris and hazardous materials.

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We can help project manage any decommissioning project or assist with individual equipment removal/repurposing or select aspects of your project. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in the buying and selling process of pre-owned generators, corresponding electrical gear, HVAC, and data center equipment.
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Embark on your decommissioning project with a trusted leader in the industry. Contact Kilowatts Power Solutions today. Our team is prepared to provide you with a detailed plan and support you every step of the way. Let us help you achieve your project goals safely, efficiently, and effectively.