Four “4” Ways Kilowatts Power Solutions Can Help Your Data Center!

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Our goal at Kilowatts Power Solutions, LLC is to seamlessly help you. As the industry leading manufacturer/supplier of pre-owned generators, corresponding electrical gear, HVAC, and data center equipment – our unique versatility is geared to exceed your expectations and needs.

  1. Data Center Decommissioning Did you know that 65% of data centers believe their decommissioning process could be managed more smoothly and efficiently? That’s where KiloWatts Power Solutions comes into play – we can quickly dispose and breakdown your facility; removing and/or repurposing old parts and equipment!
  2. Providing You with Serviceable Used Industrial Equipment – In addition to buying used generators, KPS can effectively sell you top-notch equipment: ranging from 20kW to 2000kW – natural gas generators and/or other electrical equipment.
  3. Expert Consultation & Assistance – Looking to close down and/or set up a new facility? Our industry-leading experts (such as owner/operator Jordan Hamon) will provide you with the appropriate, knowledge-backed guidance – as well as our expert team of electrical contractors and jobsite management professions, who can safely install high-quality, fully functional equipment into your factory! Schedule your site visit today.
  4. Effective Project Management – KPS partners with experienced teams that offer onsite and offsite support from start to finish for all projects with ongoing support, so you can focus on your business (from large industrial facilities, to data centers, to health care establishments).

From buying and/or selling industrial generators to efficient, expert project management & tools – KiloWatts Powers Solutions is here to help you.

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