Generator Decommissioning and Removal Services

At Kilowatts Power Solutions we work closely with a multitude of professional partners to ensure any service you may need is done swiftly and efficiently. When it comes to the decommissioning of and removal of generators, we have specialized technicians to provide service so that there is no heavy lifting on your end.

Decommissioning & Removal:

Kilowatts purchases used generators; therefore, we carry an abundance of knowledge regarding the safest way to disconnect and uninstall many different makes and models of generators. Whether you’re decommissioning an older model generator to upgrade yourself to a newer model or you’re in need of a unit that can provide more power, the experienced electrical and mechanical technicians that we have provide service, take care of all aspects of disconnecting. Given that there is disconnecting of electrical wiring involved in decommissioning, it is essential to have a trained technician who knows the importance of cautious removal of power to and from the generator before starting the removal process.

Prior to the removal of your genset, knowing all dimensions and weight of all pieces involved is essential. Lining up freight-brokers and crane companies, if necessary, from the current location to its end destination should also be included in the planning of the removal. Knowledge of proper disposal of chemical waste should also be priority, as well as determining a company who can manage the chemical waste from the project.

Leaving a project site better than the way we found it is a fundamental portion of our operation.

If you are looking for a company to aid in the decommissioning of a genset, feel free to give Kilowatts a call at 208-889-7616 or send us an email at jordan@kilowattspower.coms and ask for Jordan. We would be more than happy to discuss options with you and be the company you choose to work with during your decommissioning process. View more of our services and check out our latest arrivals.

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