Portable Generator for Water Utility Facility for Backup Power Required by Texas

Kilowatts Power Solutions was happy to provide this portable generator as a backup power solution for a water facility located in Texas. After a Freeze in 2021, the state of Texas passed a law for water utilities to better prepare services operational during weather emergencies, this including emergency generators.

What Water Utilities Need to Know

Identify your critical water and wastewater facilities and notify your electrical provider(s) that they qualify for critical load status. Submit your emergency preparedness plan, as well as a timeline for implementing it, to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for approval. Have your emergency plan implemented.

Your AWIA Risk and Resiliency Assessment and Emergency Response Plan can help you in this process, but the new state-required plan will require greater detail.

Water utilities have multiple options for meeting the requirements of SB 3, including backup generators, alternate power sources, redundant interconnectivity between pressure zones and increased levels of storage, as well as options for water demand management strategies.

How Kilowatts Power can Help

We are here to help you source the proper generator that best fits your needs. These gensets are on-site, tested, and ready to ship immediately.

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