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Knowing It's Time to Sell My Industrial Generator - Kilowatts Power Solutions

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Used Industrial Generator

At KiloWatts Power Solutions, we will pay top-dollar for used industrial generators - and relevant factory equipment (from Texas, to Seattle, to Idaho, and beyond)! With owner/operators constantly wondering *when* it's time to sell their used generator, here are three "3" telltale signs it might be time to sell (and you can still receive good $$ for it):

  1. Made in 2007 or later: Generators made past this date tend to still have high value, and can likely be sold in all 50 states. As time goes on, the value of generators invariably depreciates - nevertheless, there's no time like the present to sell yours!

  2. Taking Up Inventory Space: If you feel that your generator still has value (based on brand name - like Caterpillar, etc. - and functionality) - but it's taking up more space [and/or inventory] in your factory than is churning use, contact us today at:

  3. Still in Good Condition: Again, have one of our professionals at KPS take a look at your used, operational industrial generator in order to assess its value. Generators still in *relatively good condition* are perfect for us.

Remember, KiloWatts Power Solutions can also assist with larger projects like data centers or facility decommissioning. Streamline your sales cycle and make top dollar for your used generator. Visit our website at:

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