Shipping and Logistics

Kilowatts Power Solutions, LLC has the expertise and experience to ship your generator domestically and internationally. We have first hand knowledge for your generator to arrive on time in a safely manner while providing you with a hassle free solution. There are many factors that can determine the proper equipment need to ship your generator which can become overwhelming, rest assure we will handle this process with the upmost care.

There is a misconception regarding high dollar shipment costs and fee’s when shipping an industrial generator. This is not the case, although there are many variables that come into place and each situation is unique, it is quite reasonable. For example, two 500 kW generators weighing approximately 10,000lbs each shipped 1,000 miles in the US on one truck together costs around $3,000 delivered. Our major shipping destinations include, but are not limited to all 50 US States and Canada.

Kilowatts Power Solutions, LLC purchases pre owned power equipment. We pay upfront for used diesel and natural gas industrial generators ranging from 20kW to 2000kW as well as corresponding electrical gear. You don’t have to worry about the removal or arranging freight for your generator you sell us. We provide additional turnkey services for sellers such as site preparation and decommissioning. Contact us on how we can help you today.

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