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Kilowatts Power Solutions, LLC goal is to exceed your expectations in the buying and selling process of the industry leading manufacturers of pre owned generators, corresponding electrical gear, HVAC, and data center equipment. When buying new equipment is not the ideal solution, we can help get you up and running and keep you up and running with high-end, high-performance used generators and power systems.

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Choosing Kilowatts Power Solutions for your generator needs means relying on a team with deep industry knowledge and a commitment to excellence. Kilowatts Power Solutions is a leading provider of generators for virtually any scale or need, all makes and models. We provide expert consultation to help determine the size and capacity needed for your facilities or jobsites. Our expert team of electrical contractors and jobsite management professionals can help safely install high-quality, fully functional, fully refurbished and repurposed generators from leading manufacturers to quickly meet your facility or project needs at a fraction of the cost of a new generator. Contact us today for a free consultation.
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Looking for a reliable, cost-effective power solution? Contact Kilowatts Power Solutions today. Our team is ready to guide you through our inventory of pre-owned generators, helping you select the perfect unit to meet your needs.