Why won’t my Generator start? Top reasoning Generators won’t startup

1) Batteries: Before starting your source of power it’s important to check your battery for proper connection, lack of corrosion, and if you can, apply a load-test to them. Cable connections from the generator to the building are another important source to check. As well as making sure you have good groundings.

2) Dirty Air Filters: Dirty air filters can be a factor in your generator not starting. Without proper airflow your generator will not function in harmony.

3) Bad Fuel: Your generator running out of fuel or having clogged fuel lines may also be a reason to check why your generator is not starting. Be sure to check your fuel gauge before every usage.

4) Coolant: Having the correct amount of fluids from your engine to the radiator is important to avoid overheating faults. We take a PAG into consideration to help the longevity of our clients equipment.

5) Control Panel Faults: Check your main control panel switch to ensure it is “Not in Auto”. Check the message board for further fault codes.

6) A Visual Look: Taking a quick walk around the unit from the front to the back while keeping a lookout for oil drips, loose fittings and hose conditions. Further inspection of belts and making sure connections are tight are also important. Prior to making any corrections with connections, ensure your generator is disconnected from its power source.

With more to take into consideration, the listed above are some basic principals KPS does before starting any piece of equipment, whether it is for a load-bank test, or a final installation for a client. Hiring a professional for routine maintenance and load-bank test will minimize risk as well as add benefit to the life of your generator. Different generators have different needs depending on the environment, so it’s important to know what to tailor for yours.

Kilowatts Power Solutions, LLC goal is to exceed your expectations in the buying and selling process of the industry leading manufacturers of pre owned generators, corresponding electrical gear, HVAC, and data center equipment.

What sets KPS apart? We stand apart from other industrial equipment support companies because of our in-house capabilities, managing every part of the process from start to finish so you don’t have too. Contact us today!

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